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#59 How Curious! 103 Bits of Advice, Unpredictable Prediction, Book of Talent


How Curious!

May 10 · Issue #59 · View online

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Happy May and welcome to the 59th issue of ‘How Curious!’ ✌️
Last month marked the end of my winter hibernation in Gran Canaria. It was a busy month hosting friends and preparing to move out. The lowlight was getting Covid again, thankfully it was relatively mild! 🇮🇨
Now that summer is coming I’m excited to explore Europe. This month includes visits to Germany, UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands! 🇩🇪🇬🇧🇮🇪🇳🇱

Las Canteras, Gran Canaria 🏖️
Las Canteras, Gran Canaria 🏖️
When it comes to developing talent, mistakes are not really mistakes - they are the guideposts you use to get better.
Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. - Maya Angelou
Just because it didn’t work doesn’t mean it was the wrong choice. The world is full of probabilities, not certainties. Find a game where the probabilities favour you and keep taking shots. - James Clear
#241 – Money, Happiness, and Productivity as a Solo Founder with Pieter Levels (Part 1 of 2)
Forward Thinking on tech and the unpredictability of prediction w/ Benedict Evans
MacroVoices #319 Jim Bianco: The Future of Decentralized Finance
Imaginable: How to see the future coming and be ready for anything - McGonigal, Jane
The Little Book of Talent - Coyle, Daniel
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Best of The Web
The Technium: 103 Bits of Advice I Wish I Had Known
I’ve shared his advice from previous years, but it’s worth re-sharing!
The Climate Game — Can you reach net zero?
Game - Back of your hand
Best of Twitter
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- Peter Duffy
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