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#55 How Curious! The Best of the Best


How Curious!

January 1 · Issue #55 · View online

A short monthly newsletter packed with awesome new discoveries and personal recommendations! #Books #Podcasts #Tech #Humour #Psychology #BestOfTheWeb

Happy New Year and welcome to the very best of ‘How Curious!’ from the last 12 months ✌️
This special edition reflects on my favourite Quotes, Tech, Podcasts, and Books shared throughout 2021. 3️⃣🏆
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One of many memorable Ericeria sunsets in 2021! 🇵🇹
One of many memorable Ericeria sunsets in 2021! 🇵🇹
If I had to live my life again, I’d make the same mistakes, only sooner. - Tallulah Bankhead
Surfing should be called paddling, cause that’s what you’re actually doing most of the time. What you get to show at the end of the day is the cover shot surfing the big wave, but that’s really the output of a lot of tonnage. - Tim Ferriss
Consensus is just another way of saying ‘average’. - Naval
The Future Is Faster Than You Think: How Converging Technologies Are Transforming Business, Industries, and Our Lives | Diamandis, Peter H., Kotler, Steven
How to Live | Derek Sivers
Greenlights: Matthew McConaughey
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The Data Detective | Cautionary Tales with Tim Harford
#153: The Man Who Studied 1,000 Deaths to Learn How to Live | The Tim Ferriss Show
ML165: Annie Duke on Learning from Experience, Overcoming Analysis Paralysis and How To Make Better Decisions | MetaLearn
Best of the web
The Technium: 99 Additional Bits of Unsolicited Advice
Life is short. (Short comic)
100 Ways To Live Better - LessWrong
Best of Twitter
Still curious?
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- Peter Duffy
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