How Curious!

By Peter Duffy

#54 How Curious! Indexing The Earth, Matters of Time & Monitoring Reddit





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How Curious!

December 7 · Issue #54 · View online

A short monthly newsletter packed with awesome new discoveries and personal recommendations! #Books #Podcasts #Tech #Humour #Psychology #BestOfTheWeb

Happy December and welcome to the 54th issue of ‘How Curious!’ ✌️
November was another eventful month. Highlights included an action-packed week in Lisbon for the Web Summit tech conference, my first flight in a two-seater plane, and plenty of surfing! ✈️🏄
I’m excited to return to Ireland for a few weeks over Christmas before the next adventure in 2022!

Office with a sunset view. 🌅
Office with a sunset view. 🌅
Things that never happened before happen all the time. - Scott Sagan
Try new things, but always keep a realistic option to quit. If you’re on the wrong train, every stop is the wrong stop. - Daniel Vassallo
Men, for the sake of getting a living, forget to live. - Margaret Fuller
#548: The Lost Presentation That Launched The 4-Hour Workweek — “Secrets of Doing More with Less in a Digital World” From SXSW 2007 | The Tim Ferriss Show
443- Matters of Time | 99% Invisible
Will Marshall - Indexing the Earth | Invest Like the Best with Patrick O'Shaughnessy
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- Peter Duffy
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