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#35 Bonus Edition: How Curious! 30 Life Enhancing Learnings 💡


How Curious!

May 22 · Issue #35 · View online

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Life in lockdown presents an opportunity to slow down and reflect. So does turning 30, which I did relatively recently! 3️⃣0️⃣
Some people fear ageing but I genuinely enjoy getting a bit wiser with every passing day. I aim to grow old and wise, rather than just grow old.
In this bonus edition of How Curious! I share 30 learnings that I’ve picked from my three decades on this planet.
What have you learned? I’d love to hear your pieces of wisdom. 💡

30 Life Enhancing Learnings
Learning everything on your own is costly and slow. You are one person. Learning from the experiences of others is much more productive. View all learnings here.
I’d love to hear which of these resonates with you? Or which do you have a different take on? What learnings have shaped your world-view?
Reply directly to this email to let me know!
- Peter Duffy
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