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#25 How Curious! Amazon Letters, Money Mgt. and A Once In History Event


How Curious!

September 2 · Issue #25 · View online

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Happy September and welcome to the 25th issue of ‘How Curious!’ ✌️
August was great, and peaked with a phenomenal trip to Tel Aviv & Jerusalem for a friend’s wedding. My first Jewish wedding lived up to the hype! Israel is a fascinating country and it was amazing to explore one of the world’s most religiously significant locations. 🇮🇱💒
This month I’m gearing up for a 5 week trip to Japan for the Rugby World Cup. We’ll be visiting most of the country, so please do let me know of any stand-out experiences I should include in the itinerary! 🇯🇵🏉

Top 3 Quotes
To do two things at once is to do neither. - Publilius Syrus 
If you want it done, then go. If not, then send. - Napoleon
Workaholics aren’t heroes. They don’t save the day, they just use it up. The real hero is home because she figured out a faster way. – Jason Fried
My new personal website
Thoughts, learnings and interests
Founders - #71 Jeff Bezos' Shareholder Letters. All of them.
How I Built This with Guy Raz - Peloton: John Foley
Hidden Brain - You 2.0: Deep Work
Money - A User's Guide: Laura Whateley (8/10)
The Money Revolution - Easy Ways to Manage Your Finances in a Digital World: Anne Boden (7/10)
Next up on the reading list:
The theme of my book club this month is Planetary Emergency! We’re reading: There Is No Planet B. I’ll likely deep dive on the topic and hope to also read This is not a drill & The Human Planet.
View my digital bookshelf here & full reading list here.
Best of the web
Our Guide to Daily Life | Pattern Brands
Moneyness: Starbucks, monetary superpower
A once in history event!
I’m fortunate to have some incredibly intelligent and interesting friends. My friend Dan’s recent extensive PR campaign for his wedding ensured an extra special Xperience for all delegates. Looking for inspiration? See below for links to the website, videos, social media accounts, podcast, ebook, delegate Xperience program, guest relations team and more!
DanandHan.Wedding | Jerusalem #danhanwedding
Daniel Hannah Wedding (@danandhanwedding)
Interesting Jewish facts
Ever wondered what life was like before mobile phones? Whilst in Jerusalem we were lucky to spend Shabbat with Jewish friends. On the day of rest many Jews do not use their mobiles, drive, use electricity or even write.
“Work” is forbidden on the Sabbath, which includes creating sparks or fires. In recent times, this has been extrapolated to also cover the operation of electrical equipment!
It was intriguing to see the preparation for Shabbat. This included detailed planning for meet-ups, writing out of directions and ensuring any lights needed were turned on in advance!
There are some interesting hacks, including lifts which operate in “Shabbat mode”, operating automatically and stopping at every floor so that Jews can avoid operating an electrical switch. 🤯
Exploring Jerusalem
Exploring Jerusalem
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- Peter Duffy
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